Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have started doing renovations on my back porch. I will be turning it into a summer kitchen. DH will be helping of course, I am not that handy LOL. Right now the porch is mostly glass, but I will end up with only three windows. We will be putting board and batten pine on the outside and pine on the inside walls and the ceiling. A wood burning cookstove will be going in for heat and baking bread and doing my canning. There will be a huge primitive cupboard about 6 feet tall against one wall to keep all of my pots and pans and canning equipment. The cupboard will be painted a dark cranberry colour (my favorite) and aged of course. The floor is cement and I will be painting it a caramel colour to match the inside of the house. I have to find an antique door that will fit too. Of course there will be a screen door also. I already have 3 old windows in the basement that we can use. We also have to replace the roof as it leaks like crazy, so it will be brown steel. I just can't wait for this.

I have been pickling beets all day today and I will probably be going until late tonight. I can't believe how many beets that we grew this year. The pumpkins are coming along too. I think I will have to put a sign out at the road....Pumpkins for sale! I even planted some of those Giant ones!! :)

DH had all of his recreational aircraft association members (RAA) over last night for a meeting in his shop. He got to show off the airplane that he has been working on for the past eight years. I think they were all very impressed. I couldn't believe there were around 50 men in his workshop. I spent all morning yesterday baking banana bread, cookies and squares for their coffee break.

I have also finished the items for the "Harvest Swap" I am very pleased. Just some finishing up then I can mail off the package. I liked the main item so much that I had to make one just like it for myself.

I have to go on Friday to write the entrance exam for College :( I have been trying to study math, but it has been 35 years since I was in school. I am not looking forward to it.

Well back to pickle some more beets!

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