Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well my little trip North paid off yesterday. I purchased a Circa 1930 Findlay Oval woodburning cookstove. The place had some beautiful stoves. DH and I will have to take a trip up there one of these days to bring it home. I had a great time yesterday. Stopped at a few Antique shops on the way home, stopped for lunch and got some groceries. I will post a picture when I get it home and have it installed.
I have spent all morning blanching sweet corn, taking off the kernels and putting them into freezer bags for the freezer. We are going to have enough corn to last through the winter. I can use it to make my chicken and corn chowder soup. I still have lots more beets to process. Then there is the carrots. The chilli sauce and jams are all done for this year. It will nice to get all of this freezing and canning out of the way. DH and I are both doing about 10 different things at once.
He is building his hangar for his airplane and I am renovating my porch into a summer kitchen. We both have other stuff on the go also, like the canning, lawn cutting, chopping firewood for the winter and then DH will have to harvest his crops for the season. You don't have to look far for a job on this farm.

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  1. Janet, it's so nice that you found a stove! Can't wait to see photos. I have a handy little device that takes all the corn off the cob in one swipe - I hope you have one of those!!!? It's so easy. Nice to have fresh food for your pantry for winter.