Sunday, August 16, 2009


What a day today was. First off, with the humidex it was like 45 degrees celsius. It was so hot!
This morning, I harvested all of my green beans from the garden, cleaned, cut, blanched and put them in ziplocks and froze them. This afternoon DH and I baled hay and then we put it up into the loft. That is the hay done for this year. Yesterday, DH combined our oats and spread them all out on a huge tarp to dry. After supper, we bagged them all up. That is old fashioned farming for sure! I think we both lost about 5 pounds today.

Yesterday, I judged a horseshow in Ingersoll. It was so hot that it was unbearable. The horses were pretty hot too, so myself and the other judge did not work them very hard. We just worked them long enough to see what we needed to see. At the lunch break, an Amish horse and buggy pulled in to the show grounds and set up a table and sold eggs, homemade bread, pies, tarts and fresh vegetables. Of course I couldn't resist. I had to buy some of that homemade bread and some pecan tarts. I was joking with the competitors, telling them that the show won't resume until I have done my shopping.....LOL. Hopefully the weather will cool down soon. Can't wait for fall.

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