Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

London Brewery
Replica of 1828 London Pioneer Brewery purchased
John Labatt in 1847.
Fanshawe School.
Built circa 1871. Fanshawe Hamlet

Purple Hill Loyal Orange Lodge No. 817
Built in West Nissouri Township circa 1880

Antique Cookstove

Antique Cookstove

Trinity Church. Built in circa 1887 in Sebringville, Perth County.

Below is the Denfield General Store. This was built in circa 1877 in Denfield, Middlesex County.

Yesterday I visited a great place called Fanshawe Pioneer Village. It consists of buildings that date between 1820 and 1920. They have all been moved from their original locations and restored as close to original as possible. It was just wonderful seeing all of these buildings and all the contents in them. Even the people that work there are dressed in vintage clothing. They had vintage furniture, cookstoves, antique cookware, etc. etc. in all of the buildings. They had a great little cafe' too that I just had to check out. Everything they serve is made from fresh produce that they grow in their 2 acre garden. They even bake their own bread. On special weekends, they serve buffet dinners, eg. for Thanksgiving you can get a Turkey dinner with all of the fixins. I ended up having their homemade potato leak soup with homemade bread and their house made lemonade. I really enjoyed it. I got a few nice pictures of some of the buildings. This is a must see if you ever visit London, Ontario.

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