Sunday, September 6, 2020


Fall is finally here!!! Pumpkins are ripening and Indian Corn is ready to pick. I made up this centre piece for my kitchen table with all of the things that I love...........A pumpkin, a crow, Indian Corn, Gourds and some drieds. It smells so good. A gorgeous day today in Southern Ontario. The perfect day for working outside which I plan to do this morning and make Chilli Sauce this afternoon.
Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Beautiful day in northern Ohio, too.
    Centerpiece looks great.

  2. lovely! I tried to get pumpkins and Indian corn today but the line to get into the farm stand store just to pay was crazy. I will do it when they all leave for home.

  3. Beautiful!!! I guess if I am going to decorate this year, I best be getting to getting.... The weather turned so quickly here....One day (just a few days ago), I was wear shorts and tanks and today I am in double sweats with the heat on and a fire in the hearth. As much as I love autumn...this was a wee bit abrupt...and not any big warm up any time soon. Brrr.... ~Robin~