Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I hope everyone here in Canada had a great long weekend. I did a lot of gardening yesterday and this morning I took some pictures. Still haven't taken any new pictures of the cabin as I am having trouble walking right now because I have so much pain in my right hip from getting up and down off of a chair to put up the pine planks on the inside of my cabin. I was kicked in my right hip by a horse about 23 years ago and from time to time it really bothers me. It is a 10 minute walk back there, so as soon as my hip feels better I will post some pictures. Here are pictures from my garden.....summer's last blooms.

Rose of Sharon
I love these.
This is outside of my living room window

Brown eyed Susans

White Swan coneflower





  1. Janet...Your gardens look lovely! and so clean too! That is a lot of bendind down. Take care of your back. Your camera takes real crisp pictures. We had a great week-end here...

  2. Lovely flowers - you have inspired me to grab my camera and take pictures of ours...all too soon the starkness of winter will be upon us.

  3. Afternoon Janet, hope your hip feels better, ouch.....Beautiful pictures of our flowers, love the Coneflowers and Black eyed Susie's, so pretty.....Take Care Francine.

  4. Janet,

    Feel better sooN! Wonderful pictures of your flowers! OLM

  5. What beautiful flowers! Can't wait to see pictures, but hoping you feel well enough soon to be able to make the walk. I know you have been working SOOO hard! Thank you again for the beautiful blog! See you soon, Dawn