Friday, July 13, 2012


Kit, my little Jack Russell has had her nose out of joint since I brought Kenya (Dad's cat) home to live with us last month. Kit will not leave my side. She stays with me in the kitchen and she is even waiting on the mat beside the shower when I come out. She thinks Kenya is going to become Mummy's girl and not her. I tell her that she will always be Mummy's girl, but somehow I don't think she believes me. I took some pictures of her in my kitchen. I was doing the dishes and she was laying there waiting. She is nice and white, I gave her a bath today. She always  wants to know where Kenya is. Kit is such a sweetheart and I just love her dearly. I am so glad she came into my life last February :)
Kit is waiting while I wash the dinner dishes

Kit showing some "Attitude"

Waiting patiently for mummy to finish the dishes

Our chickens first day outside.


  1. Kit is adorable!!

    Have a good night Janet.


  2. Thqnks for the birthday wishes, Janet. :) Kit is adorable. Don't they just fill our lives?? Gotta love our furbabies!!

  3. What a sweet little girl Kit is, I certainly can understand how she stole your heart. Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  4. What a wee darling. So good to see her on here i love you're blog.

  5. It's funny how the Jacks are so jealous. Lucas is, too - even of the bunny we just got. I'm looking forward to meeting Kit in September when Karen and I come out. She seems like quite a character!!