Wednesday, July 25, 2012


At 3:30 this morning I was awakened by the sound of our cat Kenya running around downstairs. She was chasing a bat. Sometimes bats get into our house through the woodstove chimney. Our home is over 150 years old, so this happens a few times each summer. Usually in the morning, I can see where it has landed and it is usually hanging on something sleeping for day. That is when I get an empty coffee can and put it over the bat, then slide a piece of cardboard in behind the can trapping it. Then I take it outside to release it., I CANNOT FIND IT :(
I will keep hunting so that I don't have the thing flying around again tonight. I hate it when they get into my house. They scare the U NO WHAT out of me!


  1. Hello Janet, wow, I would be scared to but they are good bug eaters. Glad to hear no harm come to your visiters. Good luck finding it,Blessings Francine.

  2. Wow....those things freak me out too. I think I would move to a hotel till dh found it LOL. Hopefully you find it and soon.


  3. Don't bats find a place to sleep during the day? She is probably hanging from your rafters waiting for night! HeeHee, Sorry, just a little bat humor. Hope your little vistor finds her or his way out. Hugs, Lynn

  4. Must be camouflaging itself pretty good Janet. Maybe Kenya will find it again so you can get it. Hate those things in the house at night. Yuck!!


  5. Oh so sorry to hear you have gone batty. (Oh, I just couldn't resist a little humor.) We have had our share of bats too. I hate them and can't sleep if I know one is around. Unfortunately when they are hanging they are not that big and can be very hard to spot. Good luck. Hope you are wearing gloves or something to protect you hands. My son in law, who happens to be a fireman had to catch the last one that got in a couple years ago. We had a hard time finding that one. Fortunately he isn't afraid of them as they get lots of calls at the firehouse because of bats.


  6. Hello Janet~

    Hope you found your bat.