Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Today our cat Izzy gave birth to one little black kitten. It looks just like our cat Sambo that we lost last year. It is such a sweetheart, eating well. Izzy seems to be a great mother. Our chickens are also growing like weeds. So DH and I are grandparents.
Izzy with her kitten

The chicks are really growing. We still have 24.
We didn't lose any


  1. congrats on your new grandkitten, its' adorable.


  2. only one little kitten..but oh so precious..congrats to the new mama and congrats on being grand parents.;)

  3. How wonderful a new kitty in the house, will you keep he/she? I so miss my Sweet Emma Lou, I have visited our local animal shelter, but have discovered my heart is not quite ready. Soon, very soon. BTW Izzy is a beautiful cat. Your chicks are growing, heading into that strange prehistoric teenage phase. Do you have them in the house? Sending greetings from Maine, Julie.

  4. very sweet! I love those photos of precious Izzy and her baby....Are you going to keep the kitten? Funny, I originally named my cat "Izzy," but, for some reason, my husband couldn't remember that, so she became "Lizzi" instead..... And, while doing my little catch-up here, I read of the loss of your beautiful Dolly. I am so, so, sorry Janet. I pray for comfort and healing for you - and her loyal dog shepherd..... Hugs ~ Robin