Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have been trying to get my gardens in shape. It's coming along, slowly, but surely. I found out that I have  2 broken toes and 2 cracked ribs after my fall a couple of weeks ago, so I am working slow. I'm not one to just sit around doing nothing with an injury. I have one side of the house all finished, and I have to get the other side done. If I could only get them in order, I could keep them up. It's just "getting" them in order. Every year, I have friends that tell me they will come and help, but they never do. I think they realize how much garden I have, then back out. I am eliminating a couple of them, so I can just concentrate on the others. I have been busy digging up and moving perennials. It is supposed to get really hot later this week, so I am outside working around 6:30 each morning.
Iris just starting to bloom

Hollyhocks, Hostas and Iris

Kit was supervising my gardening after we got back from our walk in the woods

Kit loves to sit in the sun.
She is such a cutie!

Kit giving Sydney a kiss

Sydney resting after his walk in the woods.
He is still missing Dolly.


  1. Your gardens are so pretty Janet. Please be careful with your injuries.


  2. Your home looks very nice. All worth the time and energy. Blessings ~Sara

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your injuries. Your gardens do look lovely. See you soon,

  4. Beautiful gardens, wish I had more time to work in the flowers. Someday... Have a great weekend, Dawn

  5. Your gardens look so pretty! Love the sweet puppers!

  6. You are my hero!! To do all that hard work in the gardens after your injuries puts me to shame. I think I had better get my lazy self outside and weed. The pic of Kit sunning is so cute!! Love the eyes tight shut.--Jan

  7. Beautiful gardens Janet!!

    Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

  8. They're looking great. My garden is taking much longer and I'm not injured. Take care.

  9. Oh....what beautiful gardens and plantings you have! Yes, you put me to shame as well - and while I have a bad back, I certainly don't have the injuries you do! Just beautiful! (Love your birdhouse touches!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin