Thursday, September 29, 2011


Last night we had our Quilting Friends gathering at our friend Linda's log home. What a gorgeous log home too, nestled in the woods. What a great dinner she made for us. She served us a wonderful salad, then asparagus fritatta, whole grain fresh bread, potato bakes, chicken and pork. For desert we had a choice of banana loaf or peach cobbler. I think we all chose both. Oh yes, some great beverage choices too, red or white wine, or cider. We all enjoyed a delicious meal then we all got some sewing done.
Our friend Shirley surprised us all with a binder for each of us and she had stickers made that said "Quilting Friends recipes". Everytime we have dinner at one another's homes, we always ask for the recipes, so this way we can all stay organized. What a great idea. The next gathering is at my place so I had better start planning.


  1. That sounds like quite a spread that Linda put on for you girls. It all sounds so very delicious. A binder for your collected recipes...what fun and a great idea! A lovely surprise from Shirley.


  2. I really have to get on your dinner invite list - that sounds like an amazing meal!! Wow!! And what a wonderful idea with the recipe binder! We have a very informal group of neighbors who get together on occasion for a craft night, but we all just bring a dish to pass....guess we're not that organized! But oh - your way sure does sound lovely! Mmmmm...I'd love to try that asparagus fritatta!! Have a great day! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. what a wonderful time gathering with friends for a night of wonderful food and crafting.;)