Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today was a beautiful day here on Southern Ontario, so DH and I decided to go to the Egmondville Ciderfest. There was so much to see, from Pumpkin displays, rug hooking, rug braiding, quilting, and beading. There was fresh apple fritters too and we had to try some of those..........delicious! There was also lots of home baked pies, butter tarts, jams and jellies, and apple cider too. It was just interesting walking around the historic property and touring the historic home.
Apple Fritters
Hot Apple Cider on an open fire
Bayfield Berry Farm selling baked goods and berries
Pumpkins for sale
Pumpkins and Gourds
Old Washing Machine (this was actually working)
Old Wash Tubs
Demonstrating Baling Hay
Egmondville Historic home
Historic bedroom


  1. what a fun way to spend the day! I love fall festivals.

  2. Those fresh apple fritters must have been awesome. Everything looks wonderful for fall. I love looking at those old homesteads. Beautiful pictures Janet.


  3. Sounds like a great time! Don't you just love the fall?!

  4. what a fun time..wish they had something like it here..looks like your weather was gorgeous too..hope you have a wonderful week:)

  5. What a beautiful way to spend a beautiful day!! And oh - those gorgeous pumpkins and gourds!! A few of those would have found their way home with me!! Wishing you a great week ahead! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Looks like it was a great festival. Fall festivals are the best in my opnion. :o) Hope you have a great week!

  7. I love going to festivals like these, so much fun! The demonstrations are always a joy to watch. Love those old washing machines! Looks like a great time for sure.