Tuesday, June 8, 2021


Good afternoon. The clouds are rolling in and I can hear thunder in the background. Hopefully some much needed rain. We got our hay off yesterday so it can rain all it wants now.
I wanted to post some pictures of our new family member who arrived last night. He is making himself right at home and fitting in well. Coriander just loves him. It is so nice to have some colour back in the barn again.


  1. congrats on the new member and a beautiful one at that. I am hoping something rolls in here we are much to hot for much to long

  2. Congrats!! I think your new family member probably thinks he landed in stink heaven LOL. Lucky horse! We had some high winds last night and thunder and lightening .... and maybe 10 drops of rain....then again, it might have just been a few wayward drops from the fountain. Yikes it's been a crazy year....first weeks of late freezes, then non-stop rain, now unseasonably hot temps and DRY. ~Robin~