Saturday, March 20, 2021


Good morning friends. Well it is finally here, the first day of Spring and the weather here is supposed to be gorgeous today. I'm planning on doing some raking up around my shop and picking up some sticks and branches after the windy week we have had. Lots of things to do before opening up my shop this year. I also plan on doing some dyeing of wool this weekend  for the shop and also I have to do some  quilting, customer quilts are stacked up waiting. Winter has gone and hopefully the virus will soon be gone. Have a great weekend everyone and Happy First Day of Spring!


  1. Happy Spring Janet! Beautiful photo of the cosmos!! I don't believe I knew you actually had a shop?? That isn't that sweet little cabin you have, is it?? memory is getting old right along with me. Windy, windy, here....but what's new? ~Robin~

  2. Happy Spring! we are suppose to be great all week until Friday. There is no raking here to much snow still