Monday, November 9, 2020


Good Monday morning! The weather has been gorgeous here in Southern Ontario for about a week now. T shirt weather for sure. We have been getting lots of things done outside that we didn't think we would get to. My vegetable garden is all cleaned out and ready to rest for the winter until I plant new in the spring. I picked some flowers from garden this morning. I can't believe there are some still blooming. Here is a couple of pictures of what I picked. A nice display for my kitchen.


  1. our weather has been wonderful too but the frost got all of ours before the good weather got here. Just a few roses blooming near the house.

  2. Beautiful blooms Janet!!! We had unseasonable temps here as well the past several days, but it has been so very windy, it didn't feel like tshirt weather LOL. And now the cold is back...and the snow will be here tonight. Grrr.... I mean Brrrr..... ~Robin~

  3. I have a few stray blooms, but nothing like yours.
    Sadly this beautiful weather is ending but it was good while it lasted :)

  4. What beautiful blooms. Love the color combination. Janice