Saturday, April 18, 2020


Happy Saturday everyone! I was out the door this morning at the crack of dawn and went grocery shopping. I love how they have the 7 am opening for seniors to shop for the first hour. Our apple orchard up the highway opened up for curb side pick up this week so I got some nice apples to make a pie.
I hope everyone is staying safe during these scary times.


  1. Happy Weekend Janet! (It IS a weekend, isn't it?? Kinda hard to tell these days LOL). Oooohhh....that pie looks amazing! I bet your house was smelling all kinds of good. Your orchard having apples now surprised me somewhat....It really isn't apple season?? Wish I were more of a morning person so I could take advantage of the early shopping....but when one can't sleep at night, mornings tend to be "delayed." ~Robin~

  2. Oh I am drooling looking at this pie! So yummy. Janice