Sunday, November 27, 2011


On Thursday night our friend Brenda had our little sewing group over to her house for dinner. She had just completed her new sewing/pattern designing studio so we got the grand tour of that. It is absolutely gorgeous! There was also a built in Pantry installed for Brenda's canning. Boy, I thought I did a lot of canning, but Brenda has me beat. We had a delicious dinner and then we all settled into her new sewing area and spent the evening sewing and chatting up a storm. We had a wonderful time as usual! We missed our friend Linda, she couldn't be with us that night.
Brenda and I standing beside her full Pantry
Another picture of Brenda's Pantry
Sitting down for Brenda's delicious dinner. Everything was home made, even the juice!
We are all sewing up a storm after dinner in Brenda's new studio.


  1. wow that is one pretty pantry..I love all those home canned goods..glad you had a great night out with the girls.;)

  2. Nothing beats the joy and satisfaction of a pantry full of wonderful homedone canned goods...and Brenda's is amazing....Love her sewing area too...She sounds like a lucky lady! (You guys have too much fun, you know?) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Hi Janet~

    Sounds like a fun night!!

    Have a nice evening~Becky