Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have almost finished all of my canning for this season. Below are some of my Chili Sauce and Cranberry/Pear Chutney. My pantry is full and so is my freezer. DH and I planted an amazing garden this year. I have never seen so many tomatoes. They had great flavor too. At least we didn't get the blight this year like we did last year. All I have to do is make some peach jam and pear jam and then I will be finished.
Last Saturday, Hayley from "Prim it Up" invited me over to her home for the afternoon. She has done an amazing job decorating her place. I just loved the colors and all of her Primitive accessories. It is nice to have someone who shares the same interest in Primitives. She gave me a great Antique Bail jar and some of her Primitive Eggs that she makes herself. Thank you Hayley, I just love it.You can check out her Blog.

Chili Sauce and Cranberry/Pear Chutney

Prim Eggs gifted to me from Hayley of "Prim it Up"
I even added a feather from my sister Audrey's Guinea Hen that I got when was out visiting her in British Columbia a few weeks ago. I also found the perfect bowl to display them in.

Antique Bail Jar also a gift from Hayley


  1. Wow! It sure looks like you've been a busy girl! How nice to have your pantry full when winter arrives. Glad you met Hayley and have a new prim pal! Hope to see you both again soon, Dawn

  2. Boy, that sure is a "bountiful harvest"!! That chili sauce and chutney looks delicious Janet. Lots of work but worth every effort.
    The gifts Hayley gave you are lovely. The eggs look great in the bowl on your table. How very nice and thoughtful of her. Sounds like you guys had a very nice visit.


  3. Yum! How nice to have a bountiful harvest in the pantry! That must be a great feeling, especially knowing it's all homemade from your own hands.

    Hayley is a sweetie, I just love her! Her eggs and the feather look great in that old wooden bowl.

  4. I am behind again in reading blogs Janet, my sincere apologies! I was way behind doing any posts on mine as well, so trying to catch up. Thanks for the mention.. I appreciate it and you're very welcome for the jar and eggs... and to Angie... love ya too girlie! :)