Sunday, December 13, 2009


Well, DH and I have been working diligently on my summer kitchen. We worked last night until midnight and we got all of the insulation in and the vapor barrier and most of the ceiling installed. I am so glad that we installed the woodstove, at least we have some heat while we are working. It has been so cold lately. Now I have to tell you that the ceiling is a huge job. The whole inside of this summer kitchen is going to be pine, so the ceiling is 16 ft. lengths. We had ladders at each end, one for me and one for DH. I would go up my ladder and then he would hand me one of the ends, then he took the other end and went up with that. Then he had to start nailing the boards in place. I ordered pizza and caesar salad for supper and after we ate that, we got back to work. I will tell you, this morning my neck and shoulders are so sore from working above my head :( 
DH isn't up yet, but I'll bet he will be sore too, if not more sore from nailing the boards in place above his head. The walls will seem so easy after the ceiling. DH is also going to build me a huge primitive cupboard  and a Buck Saw table for the room. I designed both of these pieces and he is making them for me. The cupboard is going to be painted a Barn Red and I will do my distressing technique on it, same for the legs on the Buck saw table, the top of the table will be natural pine, stained and sealed with a mat varnish. I can't wait for the room to finished, it will be well worth all of the effort. I am so thankful to DH for all of his hard work on this.
Hopefully I will have some pictures to post of the finished project.


  1. Really looking forward to seeing all your hard work, Janet. That ceiling is an amazing amount of work, I'm sure you are very sore right now! Don't wear yourself out before Christmas and be careful with those ladders!

  2. Good Morning Janet...
    While blog hopping this morning, I found your beautiful blog home. I love it. I cannot wait to see this beautiful summer kitchen area ceiling and walls you are working on. It sounds absolutely beautiful and then DH is going to make a cupboard and buck saw table also. Oh my gosh. How wonderful is this? I will be keeping my eye on pics of this.

    I have signed up to follow your blog. I can't wait to see what you share next. Please pop over and let me share my blog with you. I would be so honored if you followed my blog as well.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. HI,
    sounds like it is going be wonderful. to have a husband who can do the work for you is great. My hubby isn't into wood working. You are so lucky.
    Be sure to post a pic when it is done.
    happy holidays.

  4. Hi Janet! I can't wait to see the pictures. Working on the ceiling is the absolute worst for the neck and shoulders. Ouch! Hope it is feeling better.

    The summer kitchen will be beautiful when you are finished. How wonderful of DH to be making you those lovely things.

    It is a really good thing that you guys were able to get the woodstove in for some heat. It would be so cold working without it.

    It is cold here as well and we are supposed to be getting a huge dump of snow here tonight and tomorrow. Brrrrrrr