Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well harvest time is upon us at our little farm. DH and I spent this morning walking through the soybean field getting all of the volunteer corn out of the field. What a job!! We sure got our exercise today. The combine is ready, the gravity wagons are beside the field, all we need is some good weather to finish the drying that our beans need. They are calling for showers on Friday, but the beans are not ready to go tomorrow so it is just a waiting game now. I tell you, this farming is so unpredictable, you think you can do something, then the weather changes. It is so frustrating.

I am home from BC. and it was so nice to see all of my family again. We all got to go out for dinner and several breakfasts together at the White Spot (my favorite). It was nice to see my Dad and my sisters who I hadn't seen for 2 years, and my brother-in-laws and my niece and nephew. It was really nice that I got to spend at least part of Thanksgiving with them. I even got to visit my favorite store, The Weathered Rooster. The store looked fabulous, it was full of autumn items. Judy does such a wonderful job of selecting such wonderful things for her customers. She just celebrated her 25th year in business. I just love it there. I even got an awesome witch. I have her in my kitchen on an old chair. She is perched on top of a pumpkin from my garden. My sisters took me to some really nice Quilt Shops in the area too, and of course I had to get some fabric for my stash. I just wish we all lived a little closer together.


  1. Wow!! The witch looks fabulous perched on your pumpkin! Perfect spot in your kitchen there. She can watch what you're brewing up..(-:

    It was so nice to have you out here for the visit. I wish we all lived closer as well. It goes by so fast. Great time though and nice that we could all be together for part of Thanksgiving.

    I hope things go well with the farming. Yes, when you're dealing with Mother Nature, anything can happen.

    Love, Karen

  2. It sounds like you had a wondeful trip to the coast, Janet, so nice to hear. When we go there in the spring we will surely hit the Weathered Rooster, I have heard so much about it! :) Love the witch, she looks perfect there :) Always good to get home though, isn't it?
    Your farm sounds so interesting, I envy you. I would love to have a little patch at least! LOL
    Take care ~ Nancy