Saturday, October 3, 2009


I made some "Harvest Trail Mix" to take to my family in B.C. when I go out there to visit next week, after all they have to put up with me :) LOL and course a bag for DH to eat when I am away.

Well, I decided I wasn't going to the Fair today. DH said that he would like to go, but not today, tomorrow. He is working on his hangar and it is coming along great. I baked him an apple pie as he is working so hard. He just loves homemade apple pie. He can tell if I cheat on the crust too :)

He knows when I buy the store bought pie shells. This one was all from scratch.


  1. Hey, sis! Looking forward to seeing you next week, too! Hmmmm, the trail mix looks yummy, but so does the PIE! Sure you can't bring one on as a carry-on item?????? Ha ha!! And, of course I'm sure that beautiful table runner is coming along, too! Ha! Can't wait to see you! Say hi to DH from all of us!
    Love, Aud

  2. Hi Janet, wish that the Coast was a little closer and we could meet! That would be so great!! There is a place just across the border a way from there called Linden...there is a shop there that sells everything, my friend goes there all the time to buy fabric, patterns, and finished goods as well as re-sale items. Worth asking around about...I think they cross the border around Langley some where and I don't remember the name of the shop but it is in her basement and quite the operation I hear! Just a thought! Have a wonderful time. Hugs...Nancy

  3. Hi Janet! I must say that Harvest Mix looks delicious! I'm sure DH enjoyed that pie and it didn't last long. It sure looks yummy.
    Love, Karen

  4. Janet that apple pie looks delicious! It is my husband's favorite pie. I would love to have the directions. Hugs, Valerie