Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Pancake Tuesday here in Canada so I made my scratch recipe for pancakes and we had sausages with them. They were absolutely delicious with butter and real maple syrup.


  1. I have never been fond of pancakes but my daughter could never get enough of them. Every sleepover she ever had here they made pancakes after.

  2. oh yum!! it was pancake tuesday here as well, any excuse to eat them, I only use real maple syrup

  3. YUM!!!
    My mom was the original frugal queen, but we always had real maple syrup.
    Pretty dishes.

  4. Ok, this is the 3rd or 4th time I've read of people having pancakes and sausages yesterday. I have never heard of "Pancake Tuesday"?? I might have to adopt a tradition LOL. I really love pancakes with (yes real) syrup and sausages....and made them once or twice a week (yes, from scratch) for breakfast growing up (I had breakfast duty), but rarely make them any more. No one but me to eat them and it just doesn't pay. And on the rare occasion we go out for breakfast, I usually opt for eggs because I love, love, love eggs. But now you have me so very hungry for them. ~Robin~ (Beautiful plates!! )