Monday, July 6, 2020


Another hot steamy day here in Ontario. My hollyhocks are blooming and I took this picture this morning with Coriander in the background. My Goosenecks are also starting to bloom. 
Have a great week everyone.


  1. Hi Janet,
    Your Holly hawks are beautiful. We always had them when I was a child but I haven't seen them around here in years. I had forgotten how lovely they are. I've just put them on my list for planting next year. I haven't done any gardening this year but I'm hoping to have room for a small flower garden and an herb garden when I move. Please take care and that you for the cheerful post.

  2. Gosh looking at your hollyhocks makes me miss mine from my other homes garden. Alas dont have the room here, so at least I can see yours! Janice

  3. Gooseneck loostrife are so pretty, but I will never again plant them. At my previous house, I had them and they took over.
    Growing up we always had hollyhocks growing next to the barns.
    Ugh. So dry here in Ohio. Must go water the few annuals I have.

  4. My hollyhocks are blooming too I love the single blooms they are old fashion looking.

  5. I love love LOVE Hollyhocks...have since I was a child. Unfortunately, my luck with them here are hit and miss...mostly miss. I know they are biennials, but I will have them for a few years and then, poof, no more....And if I do get them to grow, they don't last long with our matter how much I stake them. But I will never, ever, tire looking at them...even if they are through someone else's lens. ~Robin~

  6. I just planted some black ones so I will love to see how they do. I know they are kind of hard to grow, I have had a lot die out too. Not people know that they are a biennial. I have had people tell me that theirs don't come up and I tell to check the next year.