Thursday, May 28, 2020


Things are getting stricter in the grocery stores these days. Had to get a picture of this. This was this morning.
Suits me fine........I know it hasn't been handled by as many as it could have been. I wash everything as soon as it comes home anyway. My hair is getting much longer. I'm wearing my crow mask too :)


  1. Oye...what next. I am not an "overhandler" of fruit, but there are certain that I do like to feel before purchasing...I don't like my plums hard, my peppers mushy, etc. And who's to say that someone hadn't walked by and sneezed or coughed on them? Just hope peeps don't start thinking this somehow makes their fruits and veggies free from germs. Gotta wonder, you know LOL? I am set up for a hair appointment next week. Yay! Funny, I can't remember when I was so excited to go to the hairdresser ha ha. ~Robin`

  2. We have limits on what can be purchased at our grocery store. We live in crazy times now. Janice