Sunday, November 3, 2019


Last Wednesday I headed to Michigan and stayed overnight at my friend Earlene's house. That evening we went up to Lansing to shop at my favourite market "Horrocks" and then to Meijer for some more shopping. When we got back to Earlene's we had pizza and wine, then off to bed to get a good nights sleep as we were heading out at 6 am to Waynesville Ohio. We were off and running at 6 am on Thursday morning with pouring rain. It was a very interesting drive to Waynesville as we suspected the GPS was playing a few tricks on us. On the way down, we came to a section on SR 127 where 3 horses were running loose and they were running and panicking. The owner finally got there and he eventually got them herded back to their farm. They were almost hit by an 18 wheeler. I was shaking so bad when this was going on, but we were so glad they were rounded up and taken back to safety. It could have been so bad. Off and running again, we went to Waynesville and shopped around there and had a nice lunch, then we headed over to Lancaster and went to Curry's Open House. It was beautifully decorated for Christmas and the fireplace was crackling with an open fire which was so cozy. We spent the night in Lancaster at a nice hotel and had a delicious dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. Steak, ribs, salad, corn and a glass of Merlot. After that we headed to the Hotel and had a good night's sleep and we were off again at 7 am. This time we headed over to Berlin, OH and the GPS must have been playing tricks again, but we did see some wonderful countryside. Lots of winding roads and hilly countryside. We were in the middle of nowhere. A huge buck ran out in front of us as we headed down "Dog Leg" road, but he made it safe to the other side. Yes, the GPS took us down roads such as "Cow Path" and "Dog Leg".....a very interesting trip, but we got to Berlin and had a great time searching through some great shops and Antique malls. We had a delicious lunch too. We both enjoyed Pumpkin, bacon and apple soup with homemade bread. I had to have a piece of carrot cake for desert. The coffee was fabulous. After spending the day in Berlin, we headed over to  Millersburg and went to an Antique show, then out for dinner and to the Hotel for another good night's sleep before we went to another great Antique/Christmas show in Berlin. It was fabulous! We both enjoyed it so much. After spending an hour and a half we drove to Mansfield, OH. to another Antique/Christmas show where we found some good treasures, then back on the road heading back to Earlene's in Michigan. We arrived at Earlene's at 5:30 pm and unloaded my treasurers into my Jeep and headed home. I ran into lots of wet snow between Flint and Capac on the way home, but arrived home safely just after 9 pm. We had a fabulous time, but what a Marathon it was. So glad we went. It was so nice spending those days with my friend Earlene.
This was Earlene's van after the 3 days of shop till you drop.
We found some great treasures.

Earlene took this picture of me at the Texas Roadhouse in Lancaster, Ohio. The salad was good, but it looks like I was ready for the steak and ribs.


  1. So happy you and Earlene had a good, safe trip!
    Sorry I did not run in to you on Saturday :)
    Hoping you will share your purchases.

  2. It was a really nice trip!!!!Glad you made it home safely. We will go again next year for sure.

  3. We went to Waynesville in September and somany shops were closed up. I would have been freaking out if I saw those horses. Someday I will remember to go to Curry's Christmas.LoveBerlinand solove that soup..There is a restaurant where I work that makes the same kind.

  4. Now that sounds like my idea of a heavenly trip!!!

  5. I wish we had great shows here but my wallet is thankful.
    sounds like an adventure.