Thursday, September 19, 2019


We just got home last night from having a great 3 day vacation in Maynooth, Ontario. The weather was gorgeous and the colours of the trees were amazing. I just love fall for the gorgeous colours of the leaves and the crisp morning air. We spent some fun times with our sister and brother in law. My sister in law Sandy is a wonderful cook, so we had some delicious meals while we were there. We stayed in the cabin on their property, so cozy. We drove into town on the second day and we visited my favourite shop in Bancroft, "The Old Tin Shed". I always love to go there. Kit went with us too and she had a great time. Lots of walks through the woods and new scents to sniff along the way. Yesterday on the way home a black bear crossed the road in front of us. That was so exciting to see. We stopped on the way home and had a delicious lunch at the "Halibut House" in Alliston. The best we have ever had.
The Old Tin Shed in Bancroft, Ontario

Kit getting ready to go into her crate for the ride home.
I think she wanted to stay there.
Stan, Kit and I sitting in Sandy's garden.
Sandy in her kitchen.

Sandy and I on the gardening golf cart.

Brian and Sandy's home.

Sandy in front of her greenhouse.
You can see Kit to the left.
She is probably looking for chipmunks.

Kit and I

Sandy picking some of her squash from the garden.
She gave me lots of vegetables to take home. Her gardens are amazing!

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  1. What a lovely trip you had with family. Looks like Kit enjoyed herself too! Janice