Friday, September 2, 2016


Having received so many emails from different followers, I have decided to continue with my Blog. I didn't realize so many people enjoyed reading it. I have just been so busy this year, but I guess I can find time to do a post every few days. Thanks everyone who contacted me to keep going.

So last year I was asked to design the Fall cover for the Country Register of Maine for this Fall and I agreed, so here is the cover I designed for them and the Bio that has been published.

Janet McClure ~ Our Cover Artist
I have been artistic ever since I can remember, creating with my hands since I was a young girl. I love to quilt, rug hook and design graphics. I was so pleased when I was asked to design a cover for the Country Register. After losing my job in 2009 when the company I worked for closed, I went back to College and studied graphic design and loved it. It was something I had always been interest in. I graduated with honors at the age of 55. My husband and I reside in a small town in Canada with our 2 horses, 2 dogs, 9 chickens and 12 cats. We enjoy living on our farm and growing all of our own vegetables. I make all of our bread by hand and enjoy canning our harvest from our garden. My husband and I fixed up an old granary on our farm last year and I have turned it into a small shop where I sell signs and quilted items that I make and also offer for sale candles, greeting cards and seasonal goods. I love to go antiquing with my friends and decorate my 1854 farmhouse with my latest finds. For the last 26 years I have spent most weekends travelling throughout Canada and the U.S. judging Equestrian events which I truly love.


  1. So glad you are going to continue to blog. I've always enjoyed reading your posts. It's like a friend coming for a short visit.

  2. I agree, glad you will continue to blog, I like to visit, too!

  3. Happy to hear you will continue to post.
    You are so talented!
    Hugs :)