Saturday, November 23, 2013


Just got back from an awesome mini vacation in Berlin Ohio. Seven of us ventured down to Amish Country for three days, and what an amazing time we had. Lots of shopping, some great food and wine, and lots and lots of laughs. I had the best pizza I have ever tasted down there at a little pub called "Uncorked" in Roscoe Village not far from our hotel. They had some very interesting beers and wines too. We had to sample some of those with dinner of course. It was a long drive down there, but well worth it. We also made a stop at Lehman's and we enjoyed seeing all the products they had there. I think we all did a little Christmas shopping too. There is a great Amish market down there and I brought home some home made butter and other goodies. It was also nice to get home to DH and all of our critters. Here are a few pictures I took of our adventure.
We're all having breakfast at Bob Evans.

Brenda and I at the "Warehouse" having dinnner.

Shirley and Michelle having dinner at the "Warehouse".

We are all on a mission...................SHOPPING.

Mary, Brenda and I

Enjoying ourselves at "Uncorked" Waiting to order our dinner.
Brenda, Shirley, Linda, Michelle, Mary, Linda, and I was taking the picture.

Some interesting wines :)


  1. Hi Janet, Thanks for organizing our getaway. It was super! Brenda

  2. Janet it looks like the best fun!!!!
    ~Happy Thanksgiving~

  3. Oh Janet, looks like such a fantastic time. What a great get away, food, fun and girlfriends, yippee!!!!!! Blessings Francine.

  4. Well Janet....from the pictures I"d say you gals had a fabulous time away !!!!!! It is always so much fun with friends .
    We are sure getting a taste of winter here today. Stay warm !!

  5. fun was that? I love Berlin. Hubs usually takes me once a year, but I think it would be so much fun with a bunch of gal pals!! I have never been to Roscoe village..looks like a great time!