Monday, September 16, 2013


Good morning. Just wanted to share a few pictures from our little vacation that DH and I took last week. We went up north to the Bancroft area to visit SIL and BIL. We had a great time. My SIL is a wonderful cook and she prepared us some delicious meals. We did some antiquing while we were there and we went to my favorite shop, the Old Tin Shed. It looked wonderful all decorated up for Autumn.
Kit went along too, but she had to stay on her leash the whole time we were outside because there are so many wolves and bears around. She would pick up a scent and run away. I don't think she minds for the few days we are there. Hope everyone is enjoying this cooler weather like I am.
September 7th was a wonderful time also, I attended a Blog gathering at Harvest at the Mill in Holly Michigan and met some wonderful Blogging friends in person. We enjoyed a lovely meal together and chatted. Dawn did a wonderful job organizing everything. Her Harvest at the Mill show was a great success and she is already making plans for next year, September 6th, 2014. So mark you calendars, you won't want to miss it.

Blogger gathering.
Harvest at the Mill in Holly Michigan

Kit on vacation.
She is in the kitchen looking for a snack.

Some fall mums outside of the Old Tin Shed

My favorite shop in Bancroft

DH and BIL looking at the old dodge truck.
One of the ornaments outside of the Old Tin Shed.

Some of my SIL old mason jars

My SIL's wood burning cookstove.


  1. Morning Janet, what a great time at the show you gals had, I want to try to make it next year....Love the stove in your SIL home, wow, beautiful...always nice to take a holiday and spend it with family.....Bears and wolfs, yikes, glad you kept Kit close by, Blessings Francine.

  2. Enjoyed the pictures! What a neat wood burning stove!

  3. A real woodburning Is that all she uses?
    Like all your pictures Janet.Looks like fun, especially the fun we had!
    Have a wonderful evening...Mondays over...yippee!

    1. Hi earlene. My SIL uses the wood burning stove a lot in the winter, but she also has an electric stove too.
      Some years earlier, she only had a wood burning stove and that is all that she used. I think that is pretty cool.

  4. Hi Janet...well you have been on the go quite a bit lately haven't you??? Fun being with relatives ou enjoy...and who can cook great meals.
    What is she cooking on that stove...or is she canning something???
    Sorry we missed the evening get together but just couldn't hang on any more....but it sure was fun at the show!

  5. Hi Karen. I sure have been on the go a lot lately, between judging horse shows, vacationing, etc. etc. I can't wait until it slows down a little. So glad you enjoyed Dawn's show. Next year will be bigger I'm sure.
    Take care.

  6. Just llove that stove...sounds like you had a fun time visiting with family. Have a great week! Janice

  7. JANET...I tried to open your e-mail thing but it won't let me on my computer...can you e-mail me so I can send you the list of shops in Ohio...I just got one for you!!!