Monday, May 6, 2013


I think spring is finally here. Thank goodness. My magnolia tree is out in full bloom. I got home late last night from judging a horse show in Findlay, Ohio this weekend. When I left on Friday, the buds were still closed, but when I went outside this morning they were opened right up. I love my magnolia this time of year. 
I had a great trip down to Ohio. I left early Friday morning and did a little shopping at a Meijers in Toledo where I got some  awesome Ball canning jars. These jars are to celebrate Ball's 100th anniversary. They are in the color blue just like the vintage ones you find in antique stores, but brand new. Being an avid canner, I had to buy some. So I will be canning in style this year. I have heard they won't be available in Canada, so I thought I had better get some while I could. They are only manufacturing so many and then that will be it, you won't be able to get them. I stopped at a couple of antique malls on the way down and also had a fabulous fish dinner at the Cracker Barrel in Monroe, Michigan for lunch. Dinner was at the Texas Roadhouse in Findlay. I just love that place! Great service and the best food around. It is nice to go on a trip, but it is nice to get home too. I have had a few emails from people telling me that I had better post something, it has been too long. Not much going on lately. Trying to catch up on my gardening, housework, etc. Planning the vegetable garden for this year. I have finally waded through the 163 emails that were in my inbox when I got home last night. Now off to pull some weeds in my flower beds :(
Magnolia in bloom

My Ball jars


  1. Hi Janet, was just thinking about you, nice to hear from you.....Love your canning jars, to bad not sold in Canada, guess I won't be getting any.....Spring has finally arrived, yay!!!!! Enjoy, Francine.

  2. Good evening Janet, your post has reminded me I need to locate and buy some of those jars before they are gone!!! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your cabin and it's updates...Glad to catch up with you, Julie.

  3. like everyone else, I want some of those jars too!
    love your blossom!

  4. I WANT/need some of those jars! I'm sooooo jealous, Janet.

    My magnolias have finally opened as well. Things seem to be about 2 weeks behind this Spring.