Monday, January 2, 2012


Today is a snowy day here in Southwestern Ontario. Sometimes, I can't even see the barn when I look out of the kitchen window. The bird feeders are all full and the birds are all huddled together getting their wild bird seed. The dogs have been out enjoying the snow and the horses are outside enjoying some fresh air. The cats are laying beside the wood stove in DH's shop soaking up the heat. We are expecting up to 40 cm of snow by the end of tonight. This is the first snow storm of the season. I just finished making some home made butternut squash soup, so we will be enjoying that for our lunch.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. DH and I have been fighting off a cold virus and bronchitis for the last three weeks, so hopefully we will feel better soon. 
I am looking out for a tall cupboard only about 12" deep for my sewing room to store my fabric in. Having it in boxes on the floor isn't a great way of organizing it. Hopefully when this snow stops, I can find something that is in my budget.
Have a great day.


  1. Hi Janet. Found your blog at The Rusty Thimble. I love the picture of the horses. Are they yours?
    Hope you feel better soon. I am just getting over cellulitis.


  2. That's a beautiful picture of the horses! Sounds like a wonderful day to stay inside by the fire and stitch! That's my favorite thing to do on snow days. No snow here but really cold. I hope you and hubby get to feeling better pretty soon, that's a long time to not feel well especially during the holiday season.

  3. Such a beautiful picture of the horses!..this all sounds like a perfect day, hope you both get to feeling better..It's snowing here in Indiana today too...

  4. That is a beautiful pictures of your horses. Stay warm and safe.


  5. oh I love that photo of the horses..I hope you both are staying nice and toasty..and I hope you both get to feeling better soon;)

  6. What a beautiful picture! Happy New Year my friend. Hope you and hubby are feeling lots better. Yup, time to organize, I'm doing that too. Hope to see you before long, Dawn

  7. awesome photo of the horses. just awesome.

  8. Still running behind here, Janet - but hope by the time you read these words you and hubby are fully recovered, and the snow's all shoveled. I do like a good snow storm every now and again - as long as neither I, nor anyone I know, needs to travel in it or soon after it....Beautiful horses - and wonderful photo of them with the snow....Hope you're enjoying your weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin