Saturday, October 22, 2011


I saw this on a few Blogs and I enjoyed reading them,  so I thought I would join in :)

A~   Age:  55
B~  Bed:  Double, 4 poster pine bed. 
C~  Chore you hate:  Washing windows, cleaning the bathtub.
D~  Dog: We have three dogs, one Jack Russell named "Shorty" and two Australian Shepherds named "Sydney" and "Louis".
E~ Essential start to my day:   Black Coffee. I am up at 4 am and I have 2 cups of strong black coffee before I start my day.
F~  Favorite color:  Red. 
G~  Gold or silver:  Gold, but I don't wear much jewelery. 
H~  Height:   around 5 foot 7 
I~ Instruments I play:   None. 
J~ Job Title:   Equine Judge, Webmaster, Graphic Designer, Critter Keeper, Gardener, Dog walker, home keeper, quilter. 
K~  Kids:  All of my kids have four legs. 
L~  Live in:  Ontario, Canada. 
M~ Make of car:  Jeep. 
N~ Nicknames: Doodley, Mummy.
O~  Overnight hospital stay: None.

P~  Pet Peeve(s): (1)People who don't answer an email,  I would appreciate even just a "Thanks",  so I know that they received it. (2)The way people get on and off airplanes. I wish I could do a tutorial on the efficient way to plane and de-plane. (3)People that are users, and I have known some :( and they are now HISTORY from my life! The friends I have now are TRUE  friends.
Q~ Quote from a movie: You know they often say a man with a car like that, is trying the compensate for smaller genitals sissy, but not in your case, cause I see that you're a strapping man aren't ya.~ Mrs. Doubtfire
R~ Right or left handed:  Right. 
S~ Siblings:  Two Sisters both younger than I. 
T ~ T.V. Shows: CSI, Criminal Minds, Road to Avonlea, Coronation Street.
U~ Underwear:  Cotton. 
V~ Vegetable you hate: I love vegetables, I just don't like Black Olives.
W~ What makes you late? I am always early. I hate it when people are late. If I can make the effort, they should too.
X~  X-rays: Yes. Various reasons. 
Y- Yummy food that I make: Home baked bread,  spaghetti, pot pies.
Z~ Zoo Animals: I like all critters.

A couple of extra things about me. 
~I enjoy the simple things in life.....I would much rather be sitting beside my wood stove watching the snow coming down, than be lying on a beach in Hawaii or on a Caribbean cruise. If I ever won a cruise, I would either give it to a family member or have a give away on my Blog :)
~If I don't like you, you will definitely know it, for I am not an actress. If I was an actress, I would be in the movies!


  1. Hi, Janet ~ I loved learning a little more about you. We are alike in a few ways, that good strong coffee in the am is a must.

  2. Hi Janet,

    My first visit to your blog, came from Pam's blog. Nice to meet you...look forward to getting to know you!.


  3. 4 AM! Maybe I need to start drinking coffee. Glad to learn more about you my blogging friend. My day begins at 6 AM, I have a morning date with my trusty vacuum. Julie.

  4. Just when you think you're getting to know someone, you learn a little bit more....Loved your A-Z's Janet....Hope to know you even more in time...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. I love all veggies, too. We share a love for dogs. We have 8 now-did have 9 until recently.
    My day begins with coffee, too.....

  6. I think I am the only one that doesn't drink coffee in the thanks for sharing!!! OLM

  7. Wonderful A to Z Janet! Honest and to the point! Thanks for letting me get to know you a bit better, have a great day!

  8. Hi Janet~

    Loved your A-S's!! Glad to get to know you better. I'm playing catch up again~been missing bloggin for 3 days now.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky