Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday was the day. My husband was going to take the first flight in his Corby Starlet home built airplane that he has spent the last 10 years building. The night before this was to take place, I never slept. I sat downstairs and watched TV all night, trying to doze off, but it didn't happen. I just kept thinking of all the things that could go wrong. I didn't want anything to happen to him. Stan had spent hours upon hours over the last 10 years building this aircraft and he made almost every single part himself. He is very talented. I took some pictures of the occasion and all went very well. He even reached a speed of 96 MPH........OMG!
Just finished the pre-flight inspection

On the runway

Waving goodbye

Just starting to lift off

The little speck is my husband in the air


  1. Good morning, Janet ~ a big congratulations to Stan on his maiden journey. So glad it was a success. What an accomplishment. Do you have any fingernails left, lol? I would have been a wreck. enjoy your day.

  2. Oh my gosh! That must have been quite an experience for Stan (and you). Will you ever go up with him? Congratulations Stan! By the way, I have your package and can't wait to see you on Friday. Dawn

  3. Awesome!!!!! You must have been so scared and yet so proud all at the same time. Congratulations on the successful first flight. Stan is very, very talented having made most of the parts from scratch himself.

    Excellent pictures!! DH and I loved looking at them.

    Hope you have been able to get some good sleep Janet.

  4. what a neat airplane..I just decked out my blog with your header..oh it looks so nice..still thinking about you and need to get my butt in gear and get something made for you..haven't forgotten you.;)

  5. What an incredible accomplishment!! Woo Hoo!! Not many can say they built their own plane! Those photos are amazing - the sky so blue, the grass so green - and that plane looks like something from Out of Africa!! LOVE it!!! Glad all went smoothly! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. I bet he was so excited! I would have been nervous too!

  7. Way to go, Stan! Such a labour of love. I can't even imagine such a project - to make something from scratch, then be able to fly it - must be absolutely exhilarating! Way to go! Hope your life insurance is paid up - LOL!!!!

  8. Hi Janet~

    So glad your hubby had a good flight!! I don't think I would have slept either if I were you. It had to be a proud moment for him.

    Enjoy your weekend~Becky

  9. Hi Janet,
    Having seen Stan's plane in the bits and pieces stage it's just such a rush hearing that he has successfully completed it and that he is now the speed demon in the skies over Ilderton! Off he goes into the wide blue yonder....

  10. Wow, that is so incredible!! How very proud he must be and you too! But I can totally understand... I would have been doing the exact same thing as you. Glad it all worked out.