Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Last night was one of our dinner and sewing gatherings. Michelle was the host and she cooked us a wonderful meal with appetizers, a great main course and delicious turtle brownies for desert and fresh strawberries. I don't think I have ever seen strawberries that big in all my life. We enjoyed our dinner, then did a little sewing afterwards. We are all quilters and have been getting together at each other's homes every couple of months, for dinner and sewing and have been doing this for about five years. Thanks Michelle, it was wonderful :)
Shirley, Brenda, Linda, Mary and Janet
Turtle brownies for desert.........darn it, there goes my diet!
Having a toast to good times, good friends!
Shirley, Michelle, Linda, Mary and I
Mary and I
Turtle brownies..............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  1. Oh how fun, good food....good wine....and good friends, nothing can beat that....well maybe turtle brownies! yummy.

  2. The brownies look scrumptious! And so do the strawberries. Looks like a fun night too.


  3. How much fun to get together with friends! Your meal sounds delish. Hope you can get over to Michigan this spring, I'd love to have time to set and talk again. Dawn

  4. Great pictures Janet! You girls really look like you have a fabulously fun time at your get togethers. Very nice to take turns hosting and spoiling each other. The food looks scrumptious. You're right...there goes the diet! But the strawberries are healthy and they say that chocolate is healthy too. The healthiness must make up for the calories I'm sure...(-: Good times!