Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yesterday was a great day. My QFF's (Quilting Friends Forever) took me out for a gourmet lunch to celebrate my graduation. Unfortunately, Mary and Shirley could not be with us, but they were in our thoughts. They missed a really good time. There is a group of six of us, who regularly get together and have dinner and sewing nights at each others houses. This has been a tradition now for about five years. I am really lucky to have friends like these ladies. We always have a great time when we get together. Lunch was served at the Little Inn in Bayfield, Ontario. We enjoyed wine, soup and a delicious entre' and dessert. We were all quite full when we left, so we had to take a walk around town and visit some of the shops in this quaint little town. I think we all made some great purchases. There were some good sales on this time of year. I also received some nice cards, chocolates, and a couple of gift certificates to the Marsh Store Quilt shop that our friend Shirley owns. Shirley was working hard yesterday at her shop, that is why she couldn't be with us. Mary was enjoying a day at the spa with her daughter...........lucky Mary, we were all envious :) Thank you ladies. You really made my day!

mmmmmmmmmm Desert

Brenda is deciding what to have for lunch.

Linda, Janet and Michelle outside of the Little Inn in Bayfield Ontario
Brenda and Janet (ME)
Flowers from DH on Valentines Day
Flowers from DH on Valentines Day


  1. CONGRATULATIONS JANET! Job well done. Looks like you had a great celebration. Hope to see you this spring, Dawn

  2. Janet~

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. That dessert looks so yummy. Enjoy your day!!


  3. Janet, so glad you had a nice day with your QFF's. They sounds like really great ladies! How nice of them to celebrate the end of your college course. Great photos - thanks for sharing!
    ~ Audrey ~

  4. We are so proud of you Janet. Congratulations! What a lovely thing for your friends to do. Looks like you had a delicious dinner and received some really nice gifts. A very nice way to celebrate your graduation.

    Your flowers from Your DH for Valentine's Day are beautiful!

    Onward and upward!!



  5. Thank you for all the nice comments.
    Dawn, I will make it to your shoppe soon....Spring is coming!


  6. Congratulations on your Graduation!! Any time spent with friends is always a good time... sounds like you all had a great time!