Sunday, October 10, 2010


This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, the weather is just gorgeous, just the right temperature (mid 70's) and sunny. The trees have turned a gorgeous color of reds, golds, and yellows. This is my favorite time of year. Harvest is in full swing in my area. You can hear combines and grain dryers going steady. DH has been out combining corn all weekend. The turkey is ready to go into the oven and the wine is chilling for our Thanksgiving dinner tonight with all of the fixins. I even went for a walk in the woods and picked a huge puff ball. I am going to include that in the menu for dinner tonight. I thought I would share some photos of some of my fall decorations.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Puff ball...this one is the size of a football

Pumpkin/Crow Harvest display

The Wicked Witch!

Primitive Scarecrow

Primitive Pumpkin Man

Fall Mums


  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING JANET!!!...big hugs,Jen

  2. Janet, okay I'm going to ask what is a puff ball? BTW- I love your Halloween decorations, scarecrow and pumpkin man did you make them? Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Julie of Dog Trot Farm.

  3. Hi Julie. I just knew someone was going to ask about the Puff Ball.
    Well, they grow in the woods and sometimes they get huge like the one that I picked this morning. They are like a huge mushroom ball. I peel them, then cut them up into pieces and fry them in some butter. They taste a lot like mushrooms. We just love them. I am sure there are other ways to cook them, but that is how I do it. I don't know if they grow in your area, but keep an eye out if you walk in the woods.
    Sorry I can't take credit for the scarecrow and pumpkin man, they were purchased. I just love them too.

  4. Your decorations are beautiful, Janet. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Hope your turkey was delicious!

  5. Umm.. interesting about the puff ball! lol.. I'm sure it tastes great! :D Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Janet!

  6. I'm glad you explained about the puff ball. I was thinking you were going to decorate with it, not eat it!! That's very interesting but I can see where it's a lot like a mushroom and in taste too, I'm sure.

    Your fall decorating is wonderful! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you!!