Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yesterday was such a fun day. Hayley from "Prim it Up" picked me up at 8 am and we headed to Michigan for a road trip. We had never met before, but we had so much fun. We crossed the border at 9 and drove to Utica Michigan and did some shopping. After that, we headed for Holly Michigan as we were going to check out "Holly Hills Primitives". We got to Holly around noon and we had lunch in a charming little restaurant called "Bittersweet Cafe". I think the name itself drew us in. They had such wonderful selections on their menu, everything homemade.
They must have at least 10 different salad selections that were meals in themselves and lots of delicious sounding wraps and sandwiches. We both decided to have the herbed turkey sandwich on pumpernickel. What a good choice, it was delicious! It was a meal in itself....I am so glad I didn't order a salad too, I would never have been able to eat it all.

After lunch we crossed the street to "Holly Hills Primitives". Dawn, the owner greeted us as we entered. Dawn makes her customers feel right at home. Her shoppe is just wonderful, filled to the brim with primitive antiques, feed sacks and lots of handmades. I was just in awe!!! I am sure Hayley was too :)

Hayley and I found a couple of treasurers that we had both been searching for for quite some time. I found an antique rake in excellent condition. I have been looking for one of those for a couple of years. Hayley found herself a wash stand in great condition. Dawn's prices were very reasonable too. She makes some of her handmade primitives herself and the quality is excellent!

I found this prim black cat that I just had to have. After browsing the shoppe, we stepped into the cafe next door (that is attached to Dawn's shoppe) and had some cake and lemonade. The cake was delicious and the lemonade so refreshing. The lady that owns the little cafe was so nice, we all sat down and had a nice chat. We even got to meet Dawn's little grand daughter, who I was told just loves horses. I will definitely go back to Dawn's shoppe, I was really impressed. Holly Michigan is such a quaint little town too. Dawn, it was so nice to meet you and visit your shoppe.

We left Holly, then stopped at a yard sale just outside of town and we both found a couple of things there to take home. Then off do some more shopping. We drove closer to Port Huron and went to Hobby Lobby, Walmart and a couple of other shops. Supper was next, then we headed for the Border. By the time I got home, It was 11 pm. Talk about "Shop till You Drop".
I was so tired. What a great day! Thanks Hayley. It was so nice to meet you, I had an awesome time!


Antique rake that I found at "Holly Hills Primitives"

Prim Black Cat....couldn't pass this up!

Left to Right....Hayley, Dawn, and myself

Holly Hills Primitives Shoppe


  1. I had such a great time Janet!! We'll have to do it again! :D

  2. Just found your blog thru Hayley's blog. You two had a fantastic trip and found great goodies too!
    You have a lovely blog and I have enjoyed browsing through and admiring your handiwork.
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Janet,

    Hayley was the one who directed me over to your blog. It's always fun to see a fellow Canadian who shares the same interest.

    I was hoping to be able to meet up with you and Hayley this past Sat but it didn't work out.

    Happy to hear that the two of had fun and got some really awesome goodies.


  4. Hi Sandy.
    That would have been fun if you could have met up with us. We did have a great time.
    Maybe another time?

  5. Thanks to Hayley, I had to come over here and meet you! I'm sure that was a fun day, she is always cracking me up! How neat that you two were able to get together and shop til you drop. My goodness, I can't remember the last time I made a full day out of it like you two did. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us and I'm looking forward to following your blog.

  6. I forgot to say how much I love that antique rake! That's great that you finally got one. Don't you just love the thrill of finding something you've been searching for for quite awhile? Love it!