Sunday, April 18, 2010


This week our Quilters' Guild is putting on a fabulous Quilt Show in St. Marys Ontario.
If you get a chance come and enjoy some time looking around and seeing some of the gorgeous Quilts that will be on display. We have many talented members at our Guild and they will be showcasing some of their Quilts. There are numerous door prizes, workshops, and lots of good food. Everyone is welcome! You will even see me working there :)


  1. If only I was closer...LOL Would love to stop by and see all the creations, it certainly is an art all of its own. Am going to be tackling one soon...have the fabric here but it has to take a number! Too many other things to do right now. Hope school is going well :)

  2. Hi Nancy.
    School is going great!!!....I am really enjoying it, but not as much time for quilting ;(
    Make sure you post a picture of yours when you get it done.