Wednesday, November 11, 2009


DH has been working hard these past few weeks trying to get his airplane hangar finished before the snow flies! He is on the homeward stretch, working on putting the steel on the roof.
Last night, he finished the roof on the North side and today he is working on the South side.
I took some pictures of him hard at work. He should have the project finished up by the end of the week if all goes well. The weather has been perfect for him. After this, the corn has to be harvested and then he will be able to finish my summer kitchen :)
I can hardly wait!

This is Sydney, our Australian Shepherd
(He is supervising the building project)

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  1. Boy, what a big job for DH. I'm sure he'll be so happy to get that done. Looks like the weather was good that day. No snow in sight!!

    That's a very handsome supervisor you have there!! Sydney is such a wonderful dog.