Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I thought I would post some pictures of my flower garden. Everything is pretty much in full bloom now, so it is all downhill from here. They always look so good when everything is blooming. I hope everyone is enjoying this weather. Way too hot for me :)
My favorite time is fall and it can come any time.
Have a great day.
My little herb garden on my porch.....handy for barbequing

Flower garden in front of the porch. Everything is blooming except for the Tansy, late flox, and the fall mums.

You can see my newly painted chairs. Dan from Yesterday Once More told me that he had used the color "Kiln" to do a lot of painting at his place and I just loved the color. So I went to Home Depot and got some of that paint and I just love the way they turned out. I also painted my screen doors the same color.

My Hollyhocks in full bloom. The hummingbirds are going crazy over these.

My Hydrangeas in full bloom. They look awesome this year.

If you look under my flower cart, you can see my Australian Shepherd "Sydney". He loves to lay under there when it is hot outside.

Here is my screen door painted in the "Kiln" color.

Just a  few of my birdhouses that I have in my garden.


  1. oh Janet, I love your home..love all that is blooming there..I need to plant things that won't trail and get evasive on me..just ripped out my entire front yard..just to much of the same thing that spreads..and didn't like it..now gotta think of what I wan there...maybe some bushes, things that are easy to take care of..we too have an australian shepherd..he is a mini..I want to see the inside of your home now..how old is your house? I love the character in it.;)

  2. Love your porch and flowers! I've had my Tansy for 3 years probably and it never blooms. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or not.

  3. Janet, your porch and your flowers are stunning. My tansy hasn't bloomed yet, usually in August. Love the kiln paint, now you have me thinking. Enjoy!
    hugs ~

  4. Just beautiful! LOVE that porch and the kiln color you have used. Awesome, Dawn

  5. Hi Janet~

    Your flowers are so pretty. I love your house. It looks like my dream home!! Love the kiln color on your door.

    Have a wonderful evening~Becky

  6. Janet, your flowers are gorgeous! The beds look wonderful with the rocks on the borders. You're right, the humming birds must be having the time of their lives with all of those blooms. The colour you painted on the door and the chairs really compliments the porch.
    Sydney!!! He's such a cutie pie!
    Great pictures! It all looks so lovely. I'm sure you're enjoying it very much.


  7. Janet, your flowers are just lovely and your porch so warm and inviting. Little Sydney is a real sweetie. Hope your summer is going well, I certainly am enjoying these warm days and cool nights. BTW, great choice in paint color!