Friday, February 18, 2011


This morning proved to be an interesting one. I went out to the barn to feed our horse and my dogs went crazy and ran under the stairs and started barking like mad. I ran over to see what the fuss was and I arrived right at the moment that a skunk was spraying them :(  I have had a long shower, but I am sitting here and I can still smell it. I have to go to my College today to write my final exam. I sure hope that what I can smell is just in my nose and not on me. I sure don't want to offend anyone in class. So today is the day. My final exam and the end of my College course. DH will be cleaning up the dogs. My QFF's are taking me out for lunch tomorrow to celebrate, my graduating :)
I am really looking forward to that. 


  1. Janet-

    I had a close call 2 days ago, but luckily missed the spray. The way my dogs were barking and the smell was a good sign. After I had opened up the garage door, I kept saying "What was I thinking? What if he comes in here?" Everytime I would go out, I'd open the door real slow and peak out. I hear tomato juice is supposed to get rid of the smell. Good luck with your test today!


  2. Congratulations on the completion of your course, well done. Skunks have not made their appearance here as of yet, we still have three feet of snow on the ground. If you discover a product that is truly effective for removing "skunk odor" please share! Good luck.

  3. Janet, congrats on finishing your course! What a way to wrap it up - I hope you SMELL better soon!
    ~ Audrey ~