Thursday, August 30, 2012


You have to love this time of year when everything is plentiful in the garden and it is time to do some canning. Well, I have spent the last three days making and canning grape juice and grape jelly. My friend Brenda was kind enough to lend me her juice steam kettle not to mention, showing me how to make the juice. She also gave me three huge boxes of concord grapes, so for the last three days I have been in the kitchen on a juice making marathon. 5 am this morning, the steam was rolling :) 
Some pictures of what I have done. This is not all of it.........I have some jars in the fridge for using now and these are for my pantry to enjoy over the winter. The grape juice is pure with nothing added and it is naturally sweet. I love it mixed with grapefruit juice.
 This is the juice steamer that my friend Brenda loaned me. 
I have it all cleaned up and ready to give back to her.
 Jars of concord grape juice and half pints of grape jelly to enjoy on lemon cranberry scones over the winter.


  1. Canning is something I've never done.

  2. Boy, I love canning! I haven't done any for years, but remember how satisfying it was to see the jars all lined up in the pantry. Mom used to can 365 pints of jam/jelly each year. We 4 kids would finish one off every day after school! Your jars look beautiful and just think how good it will taste in the winter!! --Jan

  3. Everything looks great Janet. It will be worth all that work when you and your hubby are enjoying it in the winter.

  4. What a picture. Everything looks almost too good to eat and drink!