Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today was my DH's birthday so we took a trip to Amish Country and had dinner at the Crossroads restaurant in Elmira, Ontario. They have a fabulous buffet there with so many choices. Two salad tables, three hot food tables with chicken, roast beef, turkey with stuffing and cranberries, meatloaf, ham, and pasta. They had fresh biscuits and rolls and many vegetable choices. They had turnip, sweet potato, corn, carrots, potatoes, mixed vegetables and more. There were two desert tables also with lots of home made pies and puddings, and squares. I think DH had some of everything. He was pretty full when we left, but he did enjoy it. The best part was...........when it is your birthday, your meal is FREE!!! All you have to do is show your ID with your DOB.
I ordered a special cake for the occasion and picked it up this morning. We sampled it for lunch. It was so delicious. I ordered it from Unger's Market, in Hyde Park. They do a wonderful job of making cakes. I have one made for him each year. 


  1. Sounds like the perfect day!..Happy birthday to DH..

  2. Crossroads is a great restaurant! I've been there a few times. You are blessed to have that special time with your husband!

  3. Happy Birthday to Stan! The menu sounds delicious and what a treat to eat free on your birthday! The cake, oh my, I am having sugar withdrawal, I certainly would love a piece with a big ole scoop of ice cream...Blessings, Julie.

  4. Happy Birthday Stan! Sounds like you had a great day - and a wonderful meal. Talk to you soon, Dawn

  5. Ummm sounds like lots of yummy food. Happy birthday.


  6. Happy belated Birthday Stan! Oh my goodness, I didn't come to your blog hungry but girl, you have me starving right now, lol. Wow, that sounds delicious!! We have an Amish buffet down the road from us but they don't have that much food although it is still very good. That would be my perfect birthday for sure =]