Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today was my Uncle George's birthday and seeing we have a Postal strike going on here in Canada, I hand delivered a birthday card to him from DH and myself. I also baked him one of my home made rhubarb loaves. They are moved into their new home now so I got the grand tour. It is quite nice and perfectly suited for them. 
DH and I just finished bailing hay. What a job! It is so hot outside and really high humidity. We had to get it as they are calling for severe thunderstorms over night. At least it is done for the time being, until second cut.
It has been a busy week around here. On Tuesday, we had a horrific storm and a 200 year old maple tree came down across the road and took down the power lines. We had no power for 13 hours.
We did get our huge vegetable garden planted on Monday, so it got lots of rain during the Tuesday storm.
My Uncle George and Aunt Doreen

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  1. Happy Birthday to Uncle George!! He looks so happy!!

    Have a wonderful night~Becky