Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We have just had a very unique rescue performed at Olde Crow Primitives. Our little cat "Izzy" went up to the top of one of our 60 foot spruce trees and couldn't get down. We had to call a local tree service in with a bucket to get her down. We had tried everything to get her to come down on her own, and nothing worked. We figured she had been chased up there by another cat.
The poor little girl is safe and sound now and she hasn't stopped eating since being rescued.

The tallest spruce tree is the one that Izzy is at the top of.

I zoomed in but you still can't see her. She is inside of the yellow circle. You can see the shape of a cat if you look closely.

Picture of the truck with the braces out getting ready to go up.
On his way up!
Almost there
Picking "Izzy" from the branch
Coming down with "Izzy"
Handing "Izzy" over to my DH


  1. Awww...poor little Izzy! She must have been very frightened all the way up there. Looks like her knight in shining armour came along and rescued her. I'm so glad she is well and safe now. I'm sure she was starving. She'll sleep well tonight all warm and cozy.

    Thanks for the great pictures Janet. It makes me happy!!


  2. Poor little Izzy! What a scare for a little kitty!! So glad that you were able to get the tree guy in to rescue her. A lot of people wouldn't have bothered. Lucky Izzy to have you for her family!